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Hands-on experience based interactive learning programs for developers

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Become a Full Stack Developer

Designed to build your foundations from scratch, this program features best in the industry training sessions which get you hired! Learn on the go with hands-on practical assignments and build a strong portfolio.

Program Highlights:
  • 36 weeks of Live instructor-led sessions
  • Project based learning
  • Real-world interview preparation with industry experts
  • Get trained to get hired with our fortune 100/500 clients!
  • Portfolio & resume building assistance
  • Professional social media presence on a global level
  • 24/7 Online assistance
  • A low student-instructor ratio (5:1)
  • Lifetime access to exclusive courses

Are you struggling to get ahead of your competition in the development industry?

You may be a great PHP/.Net/Python programmer but don't you want to upgrade to an in-demand technology which also gives you more money?

Did you know that the average salaries of JavaScript/TypeScript developers are more than that of a PHP or Java developer. And the difference is increasing year over year!

Enroll with our advanced learning program to get that competitive edge over others NOW!

Enhance your current skills and become a PRO

Our fast-paced intensive program for intermediate to advanced level professionals gives you an added advantage to get you hired with a job-ready skill-set which just needs an upgrade. Master cutting-edge tools to build interactive and rich applications with the help of projects explained with conceptual clarity in the simplest of ways!

Program Highlights:

  • 24 weeks of Live instructor-led sessions
  • Hands-on projects & assignments
  • On-demand self-paced learning
  • Real-world interview preparation, mock interviews with industry experts
  • Get trained to get hired with our fortune 100/500 clients!
  • Portfolio & resume building assistance
  • Professional social media presence on a global level
  • Lifetime access to exclusive courses
How does the program work?
Step 1
We receive your educational/work credentials along with registration fees
Step 2
An evaluation team gets in touch with you to assess your current skill-set
Step 3
We discuss the best training program plan with you
Step 4
Fees and date finalization after first 5 sessions
Step 5
Learning begins…

Get in touch with us not because we are the best in this business - get trained with us because we will make you the best in this business!

The bootcamp programs are designed by experts from AnaghTech, an organization that helps thousands of students get top notch jobs on a DAILY basis.

Anagh has helped more than 10,000 developers find jobs in the IT industry, including several former students of this program. All students had great careers within 6-8 months of completion, and are in constant touch with us over the years.

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