The JavaScript Evolution – ES1 (1995) to ES12 (ES2021)

The history of JavaScript has been a long one, full of obstacles.. It was proposed as a “Scheme for the web” and got Java-like syntax strapped on pretty early on.

You’ll be surprised to know that Its first prototype was developed in a matter of weeks. Having said that, it did suffer the perils of marketing and got 3 names in less than 2 years. After a few successful releases, Version 6 took many years in development (it was big and took a lot of time to get implemented). Since then, we have seen steady growth in its popularity and usage.

The community is as active as ever with Node.js, V8, WebAssembly, and other projects that have brought JavaScript to places nobody thought it could go. 

We’ve seen a lot of developers getting confused with the various versions. So, here’s a quick video to help you know more about JavaScript’s various versions and their key updates.