Anagh Technologies is now near to the successful completion of its second decade. The incentive then and even today is – “We were consultants and we know what it is to be cheated so we will create a company that provides a solid platform for all consultants to realize their full potential without ever being worried about being cheated”. Today Anagh has over 200 employees and is steadily growing. Our employees are our products. We reinvest in our product!

Our “People” Process

Talent is not one dimensional. It is not a one size fits all concept. Consulting requires a different mindset and approach. Our process identifies technical skills as well as the unique consulting mindset. We evaluate skills using several different methods to ensure we are fair to the individual. We adhere to all Federal regulations and do not discriminate in any manner including age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Our Philosophy of “Continuous” improvement

Anagh employees are versatile and are well rounded professionals. Technology is constantly changing and Anagh management team is 100% invested in ensuring all employees are constantly upgrading their skills. As technology consultants our employees are always working with the latest and greatest of all technologies.